Preventative Health Care

At Total Care, we believe that Health prevention is better than cure.

With an ageing population and increasing rates of chronic diseases, Preventative Health has never been more important. Over ten years ago, our Government  commissioned the National Preventative Health Taskforce to provide recommendations on the action to be taken with diseases relating to alcohol, tobacco and obesity.

Its preventative health actions embrace

  • the world’s toughest regime on cutting smoking rates;
  • establishing a national agency to guide investments in prevention;
  • tackling binge drinking through a $103.5 million strategy;
  • reducing the impact of diabetes through a $449.2 million reform;
  • providing approximately $300 million for social marketing campaigns tackling tobacco, alcohol, obesity and illicit drugs;

The Government has also invested in Australians to participate more in sport and active recreation through a boost to sports funding; and delivering the most ambitious study of Australia’s health ever conducted.

Our Wellness Centre at Total Care is  in alignment with this vision, and undertaking, and will be laying out new parallel initiatives in the coming months to work with our senior citizens to make a difference in this important area of need.

Preventative health is now here to stay and it is at the heart of Total Care’s new health vision and action plan to engage with our senior clients  as we work together to provide better preventative health care for our local community.