Our Practice Policy

Bulk Billing at the discretion of the Doctor.



Total Care Medical Management is committed to providing a comprehensive medical care to all of our patients in the community. All patient consultations and medical records are kept strictly confidential. Our staff are committed to maintain confidentiality. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times.

All personal health informations are only accessed by your treating doctors. To maintain your private health informations, we do not give or discuss them over the phone.

Home Visits

We do provide home visit to patient. However, this is restricted to those who are home bound only.

All home visits are privately charged. WE DO NOT BULK BILL

If you are very sick, unable to breath or having chest pain and unable to come to the clinic. Please call an ambulance.
Our doctor can co- ordinate with the admitting doctor at the emergency room of the hospital and advise them of your
impending arrival.

After Hours Service

When our clinic is closed, we are registered with the Australian Locum Medical Service.

New Patients

In order that our doctor can give you their full attention, and get to know you , we request that you make an extended
booking. This is to ensure that there is enough time to get a full medical history.

Cancellation Policy

This clinic is committed to give our patient the best of care, as such all appointments are important. When you make an appointment , please ensure that you do attend. By not attending, you would have deprived another person who may urgently need the appointment space. As part of this commitment we found it necessary to introduce a cancellation policy. A cancellation fee of $50 will be chargeable for non attendance of an appointment without giving atleast 2 hours prior notice.


We are a private billing clinic. We bulkbill children up to the age of 16 year old and patients with a valid concession
or health care card. Please ensure you have a current Medicare Card.

For our private patients, you do not have to go to a Medicare Office to claim your rebate. We have implemented new
software that will enable us to claim your rebate for you, directly online at the reception. All you have to do is to
register your banking details with Medicare.