Mental Health Care

Mental illness can be treated. When someone first starts to develop symptoms of mental illness, it is important to contact us for help right away.

The correct treatment can help a person’s condition to improve or help a person to live well, despite the presence of some ongoing symptoms. Psychological treatments are often the most helpful for people affected by anxiety disorders or depression, while medications are mainly helpful for people more severely affected by mental illness.

Sometimes, the symptoms can be so confusing for the person that they do not realise they are ill. In this case, family or friends can visit the doctor to seek support and advice about how they can best help the person.

Initial assessment of mental illness

We will make a diagnosis based on the person’s particular pattern of symptoms. For example, symptoms that may indicate the person has depression include:

  • feeling ‘down’ for a prolonged period
  • not sleeping
  • being unable to concentrate.

Our doctors will then talk to the person about the best treatment for the symptoms and their underlying causes. Sometimes, the diagnosis changes as symptoms change or as other information about the person and their illness becomes known.