Home Visits

Total Care Medical Management staff are highly qualified in all aspects of home health care, delivering our services in line with ‘best practice’ principles. This means that every single time we care for you, we do so in the best possible way.

At Total Care Medical Management we pride ourselves on providing a premium level of care to our clients. Our complete care management service is one of a kind.

You or your family member can contact Total Care Medical Management to enquire or arrange Total Care Medical Management care by calling the phone number listed below. We will then liaise with the doctor on your behalf if required.

Key Benefits:

  • Recover quickly and safely in the comfort of your own home.
  • The added peace of mind of 24/7 phone access to an experienced Registered Nurse.
  • Receive the care and education you need to help avoid future hospital stays.
  • Feel confident that you are receiving high quality care that is personalised to your individual requirements.
  • We work in partnership with your existing healthcare professionals to ensure that you always receive the most appropriate care.

Continuity of Care

Our unique Case Management process ensures that all the aspects of your care are brought together under the care and guidance of our experienced doctors.