Exercise Physiologist

Total Care Medical Management is heavily involved in physiology, and we invite you to visit us or call us for more information, but what exactly is physiology?

In plain, simple English, physiology aims to understand the mechanisms of living – how living things work. Human physiology studies how our cells, muscles and organs work together, how they interact. Physiology, sometimes referred to as the “science of life”, looks at living mechanisms, from the molecular basis of cell function to the whole integrated behavior of the entire body.

Physiologists are forever attempting to find the answers to key questions in single cell functions, how human populations interact, our environment on earth; in other words, an extremely wide range of subjects.

Physiologists say that physiology is a fundamental science for understanding about “life”, how to go about treating diseases and coping with the stresses our bodies are exposed to in different environments. Pathophysiology seeks to understand the abnormalities that occur in human and animal diseases. Physiologists work closely with other scientists and health care professionals in seeking out new methods for treating those diseases (translational research).